Simple Ways to Update Your House with New Lighting

Having well-lit rooms is the best way to make a home come to life. This means the perfect method to keep your home feeling bright and open is – you guessed it – updating your light fixtures! Many families avoid this task by continuing to use outdated lamps or fixtures. Keeping your home’s lighting up to date is an investment in the home’s value and will create a more comforting atmosphere for guests.

Re-Evaluate Dark Spots

Do you have areas of your home that seem darker than others? Maybe you have all LED bulbs in some rooms and soft glow bulbs in others. This is one of the most common mistakes that homeowners make. Everyone knows the cardinal rule of fashion is to never wear navy blue and black together but did you know there is a cardinal rule of lighting? Always have similar forms of lighting throughout your home! For example, having a bright kitchen that is lit with all LED bulbs right next to a living room with all soft glow lights will cause the two rooms to clash with each other. This can also cause eye strain as your eyes are continuously adjusting to the varying light levels throughout your home.

Elevate Social Rooms

Elevate your living room and den by utilizing tall lamps or ceiling fixtures to draw the eye upward and create the illusion that the room is taller and more open. If you are looking to put your home on the market, this tip is a great way to make your space feel open and inviting for guests. 

Overhead Statement Chandeliers

Never underestimate the power of a statement chandelier! Gone are the old days of dark and dreary low-light chandeliers. Light fixture design has continued to evolve and incorporate many different eras of style. Adding a chandelier causes the design of the room to flow from eye level decorations up to the ceiling. This light fixture also creates a focal point to catch the guest’s eye. If you are installing a new light fixture in your home, make sure to consult the professionals and let us handle the job for you. 

Recessed Lighting

If the living areas throughout your home have shorter ceilings, chandeliers and tall lamps may not bring the desired effect of making the room feel more open. In these cases, installing recessed lighting in the ceiling will hide the light fixtures from view and allow more open space. These lights have become more popular over the years because of their versatility and customization.

Assess Lamps

All too often, we get in a routine of changing out light bulbs when needed, but not the lamp itself. Light fixtures become dated over time and start to clash with your current style as you continue to update and change out rugs, bedspreads, and more. It is important to have lamps and other light fixtures included when you begin updating your home!

Redecorating and renovating is an exciting time for your family and your home! These are just a few tips to help you begin your journey.

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