5 Signs It’s Time for an Electrical Upgrade

Some of us spend a majority of our time at home watching television on the weekends, catching up on work on our computers or enjoying time outdoors. But more often than not, the activities we do at home will require some sort of electrical system usage. Noticing signs for an electrical upgrade can greatly improve your experience at home while protecting your safety along the way. 

1. You have an outdated fuse panel.

One clear sign for an electrical upgrade is an outdated fuse panel. The signs are noticeable, and you may have experienced seeing rust on it, it being hot to the touch, smelling of burnt scent or experienced frequent break tripping. Older panels tend to cause short circuits due to the installation of inadequately sized replacement fuses which are a safety hazard. You can easily add new circuits for a new modern upgrade with security systems, indoor or outdoor light fixtures or heating systems. Remember that a fuse panel must be installed by a professional electrician as it has to meet code requirements. 

2. You have an older home that requires rewiring.

Older homes that require rewiring often need electrical upgrades because of the many at-risk safety hazards that are more prone to happen. For example, there may be exposed wiring that is usually the result of faulty insulation. To get your home ready for rewiring, permits must first be obtained by a professional. A careful look at your home’s infrastructure will also be inspected to make sure that holes are made in the correct places without wrecking any existing wires from plumbing systems. Restoration will be a major part of the rewiring process so make sure you do your research to ensure that you will get a smooth professional installation. 

3. You have no GFCI. 

A GFCI is a ground fault circuit interrupter device that eliminates the use of tripping breakers. The purpose of a GFCI is to switch off an outlet to avoid electric shock due to moisture. Areas in the home that require it most are the kitchen and bathroom as water is more likely to intrude around outlets. 

4. Two-pronged outlets 

Having two-pronged outlets instead of three-pronged is a clear sign for an electrical upgrade. There is more shock risk involved because there is no ground wiring, plus, making the switch requires fewer adapters and more fun for all your smart devices. 

5. Old light switches.

The flip of a switch can make all the difference when it comes to making electrical upgrades. Old light switches can easily be switched to dimmer switches or sensor lighting for a more ambient and controlled feel. 

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